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"A clever blend of supernatural elements and gritty police drama, Shield of Duty is a compelling page-turner that will handcuff you at the start and hold you captive until the very end." - Brian Pinkerton, Author of Killers Diary







Homicide Detective, Lindsay Frost, is still on duty. The fact that she's dead remains a minor detail. Since her death, Lindsay has learned the true meaning of R.I.P. as her time   on the other side has proven a Real Interesting Place. Her sister Katie's ability to see and hear her has been Lindsay's last connection with life as she used to know it. As Kate goes off on her annual ski trip with her former college buddies, Lindsay discovers a renewed sense of duty in solving mysterious deaths in her new environment. When Katie is kidnapped, Lindsay finds herself in a race against time, having to choose between saving her sister's life and preventing the one act that will unleash chaos into the afterlife.







                 AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 17, 2010!!








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