Homicide Detective Lindsay Frost's calendar has been cleared, permanently! When Lindsay discovers a dead body in her bathtub, she is surprised to find it is her own corpse. As she witnesses her partner, Gerard Alvarez, and the crime team working the scene, she is appalled to learn that the death has been stages as a suicide. Determined to clear her name, she must solver her own murder. The paranormal world is new territory and Lindsay learns to navigate her ethereal form in a world where the rules have changed. She discovers evil forces lurk on both sides of eternity and fights to save her family while fighting a supernatural being who declared a private war against her..



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"A provocative series kickoff that may inaugurate a new sub genre, the paranormal police procedural."          Kirkus Reviews

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"God stepped out for a beer on the night I needed him most." A fiery jolt hit my neck sending my plate crashing against the coffee table. Suddenly I was on the floor. The room went briefly dim and I saw a tall shadow overhead. I grabbed for his legs trying to knock him off balance, crying out at the sharp pain of crunching bone when a boot pinned my hand. Cold steel shocked my chest throwing me back against the carpet. The sound of my heart pounding out of control filled my ears. Fire exploded in my lungs. I couldn't breathe. The whole incident happened in less than ten minutes. That was all it took to end my life. Thirty-two years...not a long engagement on the stage of life. When the lights went out, there was no ovation, no call for an encore. Although  I haven't left the building....not by a long shot!

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